Being in business can be tough, so why struggle with all the different facets of managing people when specialist help is here for you? You can do it yourself and take a chance - or you can do it right with the support of CHaRM and be able to sleep at night. We won't tell you what you can't do - we will tell you what you can do and then help you to achieve your desired outcome.

Four benefits of working with CHaRM for specialist human resource management support:

  • When you need the human touch in managing your staff, we provide a personal hands-on service with in-depth expertise.
  • Managing your staff with our specialist support will save you time, money and reduce the risk of litigation.
  • You gain a friendly but objective ally with no axe to grind. We help you avoid difficult situations but we're on your side if they do happen.
  • With our assistance you will create and maintain good people management practices leading to a robust and effective company.

We won't pull our punches but we won't stint on our support.

"SMEs such as ours are faced with many demands on their management team and the partnership we have with CHaRM gives us confidence, knowing we have professional and competent support when needed in all areas of employment law."

Learning and Development support

As well as providing human resource management support, we also provide people management training and development, either in-house or through open courses. There are many benefits of using CHaRM to provide specialist people management learning and development activities, but here are the top five:

  • You gain improved management competence and confidence (less risk to the business)
  • You gain improved consistency and standards of management (less risk to the business)
  • You managers are more robust in their decision making (less risk to the business)
  • A reduction in your time spent fire-fighting problems with underperformance or avoidable management problems
  • A reduction in management time spent dealing with grievances and complaints.

All our learning and development activities use real life examples to help managers realise the importance and benefits of effective people management.

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