Management Development Programmes

As an employer, you wouldn’t let anyone drive a company car without ensuring that they have passed a driving test. Why then would you let someone manage your biggest asset - your staff - without ensuring they have the proper skills for such an important responsibility?

Past research by the Chartered Management Institute found that employees leave managers, not organisations. Very often this is because their manager doesn’t motivate them or recognise their contribution to the business. Usually it's simply because the manager doesn't know how to manage people. Recruiting the right people takes time and costs money. For a manager to then mismanage employees to the point where they want to leave is a serious drain on knowledge and resources within organisations.

Here at CHaRM we provide training that equips managers with the equivalent of a management driving licence, which ensures that you get the best value for your money as an employer. Because we at CHaRM are involved in managing people every day for our Human Resource clients, we are unique in being able to bring real life experiences into the training environment to aid learning. The knowledge and techniques of CHaRM’s trainers and facilitators is, as a result, very up to date.

CHaRM is accredited by the Institute of Learning and Development to deliver a range of leadership and management courses. As well as delivering in-house for clients, we also offer a range of ‘open’ people management courses for managers to attend so that they can network with other managers. We always deliver in small groups so that participants have the opportunity to receive one to one support and coaching on specific issues that they may be facing at work.

"Thank you for the last two days of workshops. The feedback both our FD and myself have received has been very positive. This has been for the subject matter and also the style of presentation, leaving me the job of making sure we continue the process. I'll be sitting down with our MD and FD today to discuss the way forward and will update you on progress."

Details of some of the courses we offer can be found by clicking on the links below, or visit our People Management Programmes page to find other available courses. Open courses are available for individual managers or we can deliver in-house training courses where six or more people require the same training. Visit our ‘book courses on-line’ page of this website for dates of forthcoming courses, or give the L&D team a call on 0115 984 3119. We would be delighted to hear from you.

Management Development Programmes
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