Develop your Strategic Capability:

A tailored personal development programme for senior managers and new Directors

We know you are already good at what you do as a manager, or you would not be in the position of being a new senior manager or a new director. This 12 month personalised development programme is designed to help you be even better at what you do and expand your horizons so that you can prepare for the future. This flexible programme allows you to develop at your own speed and minimise the time you need to spend away from work. By undertaking this programme you will be able to further develop your ability to step back from the day to day and look at your department or organisation holistically so that it can be positioned for whatever the future holds.

The programme consists of three different elements. You will need to undertake different learning activities from each element, but you can choose the topics and areas of development that will best suit you and the areas that you have identified you need to be better at. The three elements are:

  • Personal Awareness - the more you can discover about yourself the better you will be
  • Personal Skill Development - an opportunity to develop skills that you need to brush up on
  • Strategic Business Management Skills - this includes learning about strategic business management to improve performance and includes two mandatory modules, along with other topic areas you can choose from.

If you would like to know more about our flexible personalised development programme please give the friendly L&D team at CHaRM a call on 0115 984 3119 or email

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