Employee Relations - Managing your People

However good your product or service, without engaged and motivated employees, your business will not realise its full potential. Successful businesses have productive, well-trained and committed people in every part of their organisation. Key to success is good employee relations, which means having effective managers and people management processes. Forward thinking employers who listen to their people are much more successful and profitable than those who don't. We see the difference engaged employees make with every business we work with. We also see the positive difference that competent managers make when compared with those that have little idea of how to get the best from their people.

Good employee relations minimises the risk to your business by preventing unnecessary and costly disputes with your employees - most of which, in our experience, are completely avoidable. The second, but equally important benefit of ensuring good employee relations, is to maintain the commitment and motivation of your high performing employees. CHaRM works with our clients in a range of ways to ensure good employee relations and effective people management. Some of our client feedback includes:

"Working with CHaRM has given me confidence to handle difficult situations and has shown that these issues can be dealt with without long term damage to the working relationship. Seeing CHaRM operate has shown how things should be done."

"I would just like to reaffirm my appreciation for you and your team's services. Helping us with our "situation" and providing impartial guidance and information to the team recently has been immensely useful. I would not hesitate to recommend you to others in need of your services. Your professionalism is very much appreciated."

So how do we help you achieve and maintain good employee relations?

  • Effective induction programmes
  • Good management communication processes
  • Clear boundaries within which employees can freely operate
  • Fair and consistent absence management and capability procedures
  • Proactive information and consultation structures
  • Fair and consistent discipline and grievance procedures

Employee Relations - Managing your People
“Thank you ladies, I couldn't have done it without you”