Human Resource and Employment Law Compliance

There are some basic people management practices which are required by law and with which all employers, no matter how large or small they are, are required to comply. The key elements of Human Resource and employment law compliance are explained in the links below, but although they are legal requirements, these good people management practices form the basis of a good working relationship between employer and employee. Get these basic things right and the rest begins to fall into place.

Once these basic building blocks are in place, employees know where they stand and what is expected of them. They are aware of the Company ' rules' and understand their boundaries. For the employer, this makes the business run more smoothly and takes away some of the stress associated with employing people. It is only a start however and if you want to be completely stress free when it comes to people management, CHaRM can help you. Not only will we make sure your building blocks are in place from a compliance point of view but we will also help you develop your people management practices for even greater performance and people effectiveness wihin your organisation.

Employment Contracts and Dismissals
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