Become an Inspirational Leader and get more from your people

Inspirational leaders recognise that learning is a lifelong activity and are more than happy to continue to develop their skills and knowledge so that they continue to grow alongside their businesses and people. In our experience over many years, the businesses that are the most successful are those with switched on forward thinking leaders who are open to new ideas, suggestions and their own personal development.

The aim of our Inspirational Leadership programme is to give senior business leaders a personal insight into the leadership climate they create and the impact of that climate on the people who work for them. This fun (but serious!) programme gives participants the opportunity to really understand themselves and what is expected of them from the people around them.

Leadership behaviour is fundamentally different from that of management behaviour and as long as you have some basic leadership skills, we can fine tune and enhance those skills to enable you to get the best from your staff members for the benefit of your organisation.

As one previous participant said:

“Initially I was unsure about the benefits that I personally, and the organisation I work for, would get from the Leadership Programme. However, having gone through it I am more comfortable about my own professional strengths and weaknesses and feel better able to lead the business and my team. I feel I have benefited from the programme, as have my fellow directors, managers and staff as I am now leading with more professionalism and purpose. It’s well worth doing!”

Six reasons why you should say yes to this great experience:

  • You want your buisness to survive and grow
  • You've got good people that you want to keep
  • You recognise that you don't have all the answers
  • You want those around you to contribute more
  • You recognise that your successes come via your people - you couldn't do it on your own
  • You're curious to know what others think of you (really!).

For further information or to book please contact us on 0115 984 3119 or email

Inspirational Leadership Adventure
“Well worth doing!”