Participate in an Inspirational Leadership Adventure

The aim of this two-part event is to give senior business leaders a personal insight into the leadership climate they create, its effectiveness and its impact on others.

Six reasons why you should say yes to this great experience:

  • You need your business to survive and grow
  • You've got good people that you want to keep
  • You recognise you don't have all the answers
  • You want others to contribute more
  • You recognise your successes come through your people - you couldn't do it on your own
  • You're curious to know what others think of you (really!).

Take this opportunity to focus on your development and become an Inspirational Leader! Feedback from previous participants has been excellent, with leaders recognising the real benefits to their business.

Part One of this event involves collating leadership climate feedback and considering strengths and development points. To begin the programme, delegates and personally selected feedback groups will complete a leadership questionnaire. Feedback will be discussed with delegates individually and there will be an opportunity for a facilitated feedback meeting for each feedback group.

Part Two is an away session focusing on strategy and business planning and how to engage employees in the most effective way possible. It also develops further the development points identified in the feedback questionnaire and focuses on specific areas for each delegate, looking at the behaviours inspirational leaders demonstrate.

For further information or to book please contact us on 0115 984 3119 or email

Inspirational Leadership Adventure
“An excellent couple of days”