Become an Inspirational Leader and get more from your people

Why is it that when people get to senior manager or director level they often feel that they no longer need to learn? Inspirational leaders recognise that learning is a lifelong activity and are more than happy to continue to develop their skills and knowledge so that they continue to grow alongside their businesses and people.

This Senior Manager and New Director Development Programme is designed to enable forward thinking employers (and their forward thinking managers and directors) to really understand how organisations work and what is required of them as leaders. Managers focus on managing tasks and processes, whereas gifted leaders provide strategic direction and capture people’s imagination so that they really want to achieve the vision that has been set out.

Leadership behaviour is fundamentally different from that of management behaviour and as long as you have some basic leadership skills, we can fine tune and enhance those skills to enable you to get the best from your staff members for the benefit of your organisation.

As one previous participant said:

“Initially I was unsure about the benefits that I personally, and the organisation I work for, would get from the Leadership Programme. However, having gone through it I am more comfortable about my own professional strengths and weaknesses and feel better able to lead the business and my team. I feel I have benefited from the programme, as have my fellow directors, managers and staff as I am now leading with more professionalism and purpose. It’s well worth doing!”

There is some formal learning in the programme but key to success is personal awareness and skill development, which forms a key part of the activities. Upon completion of this leadership programme you will have the resources to:

  • Get more from your employees because happy people work harder
  • Make people want to come to work and achieve more because they feel valued
  • Make people feel they really belong, with a clear understanding of the role they play in the business
  • Make work a place where people learn and grow with the business
  • Make work an exciting, challenging, fascinating and fun place to be
  • Take the pressure off you by ensuring everyone is focused on their own work and goals
  • Become a leader that people want to follow.

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Inspirational Leadership Adventure
“Well worth doing!”