Do you have talent in your organisation that you wish to retain?

Good performers need to know that you will help them to learn, grow and develop personally and professionally for them to choose to remain with your organisation. According to an Investors in People report, nearly half of the UK workforce is looking to change jobs in 2018, with a fifth actively looking. A third of those who may seek to change jobs this year cited lack of career progression as the reason for moving. Being in "dead men's shoes" is something we are hearing a lot more of in exit interviews that we are conducting for our clients. Importantly, career development does not always mean promotion. For many individuals it is about having different experiences within their organisations, such as being involved in different projects or working in different departments.

In addition, according to the Open University, almost all UK businesses are struggling with recruiting and retaining the right talent for their organisations. Over the 400 organisations surveyed for their business barometer, 90% said that they experienced difficulties filling a vacancy in the last year. Also, 58% of employers believed that skills shortages were damaging their organisaton.

CHaRM's Talent Development Programme is designed to help you meet the need for career development amongst your staff members as well as to address skills shortages. Its aim is to enable employers to retain and develop their top performers or key staff for the long term benefit of their businesses. As companies continue to struggle to attract and retain future talent, this programme will enable businesses to keep hold of the talent they already have for a longer period of time. Among its outcomes are:

  • To develop people within your business to take up management and other key roles in the future (succession planning)
  • To provide career paths to motivate and develop capable, talented individuals who aspire to develop their careers within their existing Company
  • To retain existing talent within the Company wherever possible.

CHaRM's Talent Development Programme is ideal for:

  • New Managers who have long-term potential
  • Potential future managers who form part of your succession plan
  • Key personnel who have specialist skills and knowledge that you need to retain for the long term
  • Your top performers who contribute most to the organisation and who you wish to retain for the long term.


What's Involved?

The Talent Development Programme runs over a two year period, during which time participants will develop their skills and abilities, both personally and professionally. The Talent Development Programme will facilitate each participant's discovery of their own strengths and weaknesses, their career aspirations and future areas for development and growth, in line with each Company's succession plan. A personality profile will be used to develop self-awareness, along with assessment against a skills framework. There will also be knowledge and skills input delivered via short learning sessions. Participants will contribute to a relevant work-placed project and will take part in work-related action learning sets, plus a development centre in year two. Time away from work is minimised, as much of the skill development is delivered by webinar or remote support options.

A training agreement will be put in place for employers to enable you to claim back your costs should participants leave your employment during or after the programme.

We know that our talent development programme works. As two satisfied participants recently said:

"I entered a senior management role five years ago and in all honesty was at the start of a long learning curve. Through support from CHaRM, implementing personal development plans they designed with me and going through 360 degree appraisal which they facilitated, I was able to identify areas that needed strengthening. My development was supported completely by CHaRM - they challenged me to develop into the role rather than suggesting a pre-planned solution. I have recently been promoted to the Sales Director role within the Company. This has has come about in no small part due to the support from CHaRM."

"Through the talent development programme that CHaRM introduced within my organisation, they helped me identify a career which I hadn't considered before. From learning that I enjoyed being an internal auditor, CHaRM suggested that I look into quality assurance and develop my skills to provide additional support to my organisation. We talked about how I would approach the directors about changing my role. I took up the role of Quality Manager in May 2016 and a year later we had successfully transitioned to ISO 9001:2015 and continue to engage all parts of the company so that we constantly offer quality products and services. I am really enjoying my new direction and the company has benefited from the dedicated focus I am able to provide."

How to enrol

If you would like more information or to enrol someone in your business, contact our Learning and Development team on 0115 984 3119, or email

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