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Making the most of Meetings
Delegating Effectively to Others

Events on 9, September 2021:

Making the most of Meetings

This is a bitesize virtual training session that covers all the essentials of participating in and facilitating Meetings. Packed with tips and techniques for facilitating meetings, both virtual and in person, this 1.5 hour learning session will benefit anyone who has responsibility for running meetings and who feels that the meetings could benefit from some improvement. Very often people talk about spending too much time in meetings, which are often not well run, so participating in this webinar will help you to overcome that negativity. Even experienced managers have come away with tips and techniques after spending time refreshing their skills.

The virtual training session will begin at 11:30 and finish at 13:00 and is supported by additional learning information available through our student portal, plus activities for you to use to make your time in meetings more productive.

This virtual training session is available to participants of our Talent Club, or it is available as a one-off session. If you wish to participate in this session alone, the investment is £70.00 per person, plus VAT. To participate as a Talent Club member, the cost for 8 virtual learning sessions with tutorial support is £425.00 plus VAT. Please visit our Talent Club page on our website for more information.

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