How (and why) businesses can show our leaders how to behave

One thing that has come sharply into focus for me while all the Brexit shenanigans has been continuing is the behaviour of our politicians. A few weeks ago some people in York were interviewed about what they thought about Brexit. A care worker started to talk about how badly all of our politicians are behaving and that if they were running a business such behaviour would not be tolerated. She was not senior, or even a manager, but she knew about appropriate behaviour and she was quite right in what she said. If that behaviour was going on in a business something would be done about it. We would not tolerate the shouting and the abuse and all the other bad things that are happening in our parliament if it were taking place within a business.

When I was talking with one of our CEOs recently, who was also expressing concern about parliament’s behaviour, we came to the conclusion that it is up to businesses even more now to show people how to behave properly and to act when inappropriate behaviour, at all levels, is displayed. I think businesses could end up being the only moral compass the UK has going forward.

The behaviour of both managers and employees is prescribed by law in the UK. To have a leader that does not listen to anyone else’s viewpoint is a disaster waiting to happen, as we can see from our own parliament. How much better things would have been if our parliamentary leader had consulted, listened and explained why Brexit could only be handled a certain way. How much better if questions had been answered honestly and genuinely, mistakes admitted and apologies made.

Leadership is so important in any organisation and where it is lacking, the impact is there for all to see. Poor leadership and behaviour at a national level is being played out in the glare of the media. Thank goodness for businesses that show good leadership and don't tolerate poor behaviour. To those that lead the way on this - thank you! We want you to know that you are appreciated.