Change Management

Change Management

"Very useful for looking ahead and introduced important issues that we should be aware of"

Everyone approaches and deals with change differently, especially in an organisational setting when change is often thrust upon people without their input. This individual coaching experience is for managers who wish to be able to make sense of any change for their teams and will provide a model to help you introduce change successfully within your team when change is needed. So many change intiatives fail because those implementing change do not understand the emotional process that people go through when confronted with change. This session will demonstrate how to transition your change programme to deal with the full range of emotions to ensure a successful outcome. Anyone who wishes to introduce lasting and meaningful change within their organisations will benefit from this coaching experience.

At the end of the coaching activity you will be able to:

  • Describe the culture of your organisation and its likely impact on proposed change initiatives
  • Use a model to engage all stakeholders and gain buy-in to proposed change initiatives
  • Adjust your own approach to engage individual stakholders and team members in change iniatives.

In order for you to get the most from this coaching experience, you will be asked to consider your own personal approach to change and how this may impact on the transition of others to the new ways of working.

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