Delegating for Results

This half-day workshop is designed to enable managers to visibly improve their own and their team's performance by developing others through delegation. Effective delegation is a key tool in developing individuals within the team but it also better uses the different skill sets that are already available within the team, for the benefit of the manager, the team member and the organisation. Delegation is also a very cost effective way of delivering training and improving performance across businesses (with the caveat that it does need to be done properly). This workshop will benefit anyone who manages other people at any level, and who also wants to free up their own time to do other things. The learning outcomes from this workshop are:

  • Clearly describe what delegation is and how to delegate effectively
  • Describe the benefits of delegation to the manager, the team member and the organisation
  • Choose the right people to delegate to, for the right reasons
  • Use the techniques of good delegation to effectively delegate and improve team performance.

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