Employment Law - what every manager needs to know

Employment Law - what every manager needs to know

"The 3 training sessions I have had with you guys were great quality"

Practical Employment Law for first line Managers

Practical Employment Law is designed to give those who directly manage people, knowledge of the raft of legislation that governs employment. Using quizzes and real-life case studies, Practical Employment Law covers all the essential elements of the law within which managers need to operate. The subject matter can be developed to meet your own organisational specific needs if you wish the course to be delivered in-house, just for your organisation. Feedback from previous participants includes:

"Has grabbed my interest and inspired me to try and implement what I have learnt. Look forward to further training."

"All was interesting and useful. Enjoyable course."

"Vicky is an awesome trainer".

"Very clear information and very informative answers to any questions asked."

"I found it all 100% relevant in my day to day job so all content was really, really useful. Thank you."

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