Human Resource Management

CHaRM removes risk in your organisation and makes it more productive and profitable

People management must be a hands-on proactive process because simply reacting to situations can end in expensive legal problems for any company. At CHaRM we don't give advice for the good of our health, but to ensure that your company reduces its risk of potentially difficult situations. We believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure ....... and it costs less.

To assist you CHaRM offers a straightforward, practical analysis of your employee issues and the action you should take within the law. That means you can rest assured our advice is best practice and will be effective in providing a solution.

You can choose the people management package that suits your needs. Our Human Resource division supplies specialist assistance that is tailored to suit the size of your company and the level of support you need.

The links below provide more information on each of the specific aspects of human resource management.