Employee Relations - Avoiding People Problems

Employee Relations - Avoiding People Problems

"Thank you ladies, I couldn't have done it without you"

People problems often creep up on managers and business owners when they least expect it; usually at a time when you really want to focus on clinching that piece of new business or completing a particular project. Once the problem has burst onto the stage, the time required to resolve it can literally run into days and sometimes weeks. Here at CHaRM our approach is to try and minimise the risk of employee disputes by working proactively with our clients to develop employee engagement and motivation. Key to our success (and our clients' success) is having effective Human Resource management processes in place, such as good induction and onboarding programmes, good communication, clear job roles and responsibilities and fair and consistent performance processes, such as appraisals, discipline and grievance procedures.

While we can, and regularly do, support managers when people problems arise, we try our best to prevent them by working closely with our clients in a range of different ways to maintain the motivation and commitment of their high performing employees. We see the positive difference engaged employees make with every business we work with. We also see the positive difference that competent managers make when compared with those that have little idea of how to get the best from their people.

Client feedback includes:

"Working with CHaRM has given me confidence to handle difficult situations and has shown that these issues can be dealt with without long term damage to the working relationship. Seeing CHaRM operate has shown how things should be done."

"Although this was a stressful process for the team, it was handled well by you guys and I think things will be better for it in the future."

"I would just like to reaffirm my appreciation for you and your team's services. Helping us with our "situation" and providing impartial guidance and information to the team recently has been immensely useful. I would not hesitate to recommend you to others in need of your services. Your professionalism is very much appreciated."

Our client journey often begins with the need to resolve a people problem. Once that's complete, we can then work with you to make sure it doesn't happen again.