People Management (HR) Audit

People Management (HR) Audit

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As part of ensuring that our clients meet the minimum legal requirements for people management, we undertake People (HR) Management Audits covering all aspects of employee management. The purpose of our audit is two-fold:

  • To identify areas of compliance and non-compliance with the latest legislation, helping you to minimise misunderstanding and conflict within the workplace and ultimately avoid the costs associated with employment tribunals.
  • To assist you in raising awareness amongst employees and future employees of your employer brand, with the aim of being an ‘employer of choice’ in a tightening market for talented employees.

By undertaking this audit, and implementing any recommendations, you will be able to demonstrate that you have taken your duty of care to your employees, which is implicit in the law, seriously. More importantly, however, any actions taken as a result of this audit will place your business in a stronger position to ensure a smooth recruitment process and people management practices that retain key staff.

Any recommendations made as a result of our audit will be solely in the interests of your business. No recommendations will be made that are not deemed to be absolutely necessary for the organisation.

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