Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment and Selection

"CHaRM's input has yielded some great additions to our team"

Recruitment and Selection Support

Whatever the level of position you are recruiting for, it is essential that you get the right person for the job. The right person is someone who brings the skills, knowledge and experience they need to competently do the job. Most selection procedures overlook the need to effectively test for competence, relying solely on ineffective interviews. This is where CHaRM adds real value to the selection process. CHaRM provides full support for the whole recruitment and selection process, using a variety of different solutions to ensure you get the right person for the job.

It is much more cost effective to make a robust selection decision before a job offer is made, than it is to try and remove a bad selection decision from your employment. With CHaRM's support, there is minimal risk of having to remove someone after the selection process is complete. We have a very good track record of helping employers select the right person, with the right skills, experience and knowledge for the role.

"Having worked with Vicky and her team at CHaRM for many years, I have the highest praise for their knowledge, expertise, professionalism and skills. We have streamlined our interview process and there is a notable confidence and assurance from our supervisors/managers when conducting interviews and more importantly making timely hiring decisions. I have no hesitation in recommending Vicky and her team."

Case Study - Recruitment and Selection

Our client recognised that something in his Company’s recruitment and selection process was not yielding the long term results that he wanted. Too many recruits were not performing to the standard required and a number of dismissals were needed as a result. CHaRM was asked to work with the organisation to assess their processes and see what could be done to improve them. CHaRM reviewed the process from beginning to end and developed a number of the steps involved, such as the use of job descriptions and person specifications to assess against during the selection process. The key area that was improved was the interview itself, which was changed to a competence approach where the candidate did more talking than the interviewer. This enabled the interviewer to assess the candidate’s competence for the role. An extra activity stage was also introduced enabling candidates to be further assessed against the criteria.

The result? Three key roles successfully filled by competent individuals who have the skills required to perform and grow with the business.

“CHaRM’s presence at the interviews has been invaluable in helping me ensure the right candidates are selected.”