Workplace Health and Well-being

Workplace Health and Well-being

Here at CHaRM we have been supporting businesses over many years to define their employee brand, refine their organisational culture and successfully embed cultural change in a way that impacts positively on service and productivity levels. This support has developed over the last two years to include a greater focus on employee and workplace health and well-being to meet the different challenges that organisations are now facing. As with our other support, we offer organisations a strategic approach to workplace health and well-being, which will allow employees to thrive and organisations to continue to achieve high quality service and productivity levels.

Well-being is defined as 'the state of being healthy, comfortable and happy' and in order to achieve this you need to have a well-being plan as part of your people management strategy. Adding on additional benefits in isolation as part of a remuneration package, for example, will not impact workplace or employee well-being or your business culture. Workplace well-being is the key to improving your employee engagement, productivity and innovation, if the concept is approached in the right way.

Well-being is not simply a one-off intervention. To be truly successful and long-term, it requires a commitment to change the way that employers and employees engage with each other to benefit everyone involved in that relationship.

Some of the areas that we can assist you with to begin this journey are:

  • Employee opinion surveys
  • Absence management strategies
  • Mental health awareness support and training for managers
  • Well-being policies and procedures
  • Organisational culture development and strategy
  • What 'good work' looks like and how to achieve that
  • The legal implications - health, safety and employers' duty of care
  • Access to occupational health.

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