ILM Accredited Short courses for Managers

As well as our nationally recognised level 3 and level 5 accredited management training programmes, we also offer shorter programmes that give participants the basic principles of good management but without the need for assignments and extra study in their own time. Our Awards are accredited with the Institute of Leadership and Management, which gives them an externally recognised seal of approval, as well as giving participants 12 months student membership of the ILM. This gives participants access to a range of resources that they can refer to and use during that 12 months to further their learning if they wish.

Each Award lasts for two days, without the need for any additional study. There is an Award for new team leaders and managers, an Award for those who have been in their role for a while but who wish to update their skills and one for more senior managers who wish to make the step from a manager to a leader as part of their career development. All the participant feedback on our website is genuine.

"Thank you for your enthusiasm and honesty."

"The real case examples are most useful because they relate to our everyday life at work. Well done. It's always a pleasure and massively helpful."