Talent Development - Personal Growth for your most talented people

Good performers need to know that you will help them to learn, grow and develop personally and professionally. For many, it's critical in choosing to remain with their organisation. CHaRM's various Talent Development Programmes are designed to help you meet that need. They enable employers to provide personal development for your top performers, or key staff at whatever level, for the long-term benefit of your business. Among the outcomes are:

  • To develop people within your business for management, specialist or other key future roles
  • To provide career paths to motivate and develop capable, talented and motivated individuals
  • To retain the best talent within your business.

Talent development does not always mean promotion. For many, it's about having different experiences, involvement in different projects and developing different skills. Choose from any of CHaRM's Talent Development Programmes which are ideal for:

  • New Team Leaders or Managers who have long-term potential
  • Middle Managers who are ready for that next move to a more strategic or senior role
  • Potential future managers who form part of your succession plan
  • Key personnel who have specialist skills and knowledge that you need to retain for the long term
  • Your top performers who contribute most to the organisation.