Redundancy Pack

Redundancy Pack

"Seeing CHaRM operate has shown how things should be done"

CHaRM's redundancy pack contains everything you will need as an employer to reduce numbers in your organisation so that you have a streamlined organisation with key roles and the best people ready to face the future. The key to a successful redundancy process is preparation. If your business case is robust and clear everything else will run smoothly because by the time you talk to your staff, there is no ambiguity about what you are saying or doing. A good process ensures that everyone who leaves the business understands why they are leaving and those that are remaining feel positive about their organisation because of the way their friends and colleagues have been treated. Your future reputation depends upon everyone having gone through a fair process.

Our process always therefore begins with the business case for change and that is the first document in our pack - DOC 1. Also included in the pack are the following documents:

  • A process flowchart supported by comprehensive guidance notes
  • All the letters that you will need throughout the process to ensure you follow the law on redundancies
  • Meeting outlines for each of the individual consulatation meetings
  • Guidance on how to select 'in' and 'out' and alternatives to redundancy

And lots of advice available at the end of the telephone if you need it along the way. To enquire further about our redundancy pack, click the link below.

"Your advice, guidance and the redundancy pack have been invaluable and have made a very difficult and uncomfortable job a lot less stressful and painful. A very big thank you to you for that."

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