Relationship Management

Relationship Management

"The 3 training sessions I have had with you guys were great quality"

It is often said that people buy from people and in a work environment, if you want to get anything done, it helps to have good relationships with those around you, whether that be colleagues, your managers or your team members. This individual coaching experience will benefit any manager or knowledge specialist who wants to achieve better results and outcomes at work. Relationships are also extremely important in matrix organisations and this coaching experience will benefit anyone who has to influence a range of different stakeholders in order to achieve cross-functional results.

At the end of the coaching activity you will be able to:

  • Describe your own relationship management style
  • Understand the impact of this on your relationships with others
  • Adjust your own style to maximise relationships with different stakeholders.

To achieve the most for you from this coaching activity, you will be asked to undertake a number of self-analysis activities to really understand your own approach to different people within your organisation. You will then be able to use this increased understanding to better influence and management key relationships at work.

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