CHaRM's Management Development Programmes

As an employer, you wouldn't let anyone drive a Company car without ensuring that they have passed a driving test. Why then would you let someone manage your biggest asset - your staff - without ensuring they have the proper skills and knowledge for such an important responsibility?

Here at CHaRM we provide a variety of flexible personal development and training programmes that equip managers with the skills, knowledge and behaviours they require to be truly effective in their roles. This means that you get the best value for your money as an employer. Because we at CHaRM are involved in managing people every day for our Human Resource clients, we are unique in being able to bring real life experiences into the training environment to aid learning. The knowledge and techniques of CHaRM’s trainers and facilitators is, as a result, very up to date. Recent conversations with managers who have been through our development programmes include:

"We were sceptical at first about the benefits your support would bring, including our MD, but we have all seen the improvements that have been made as a result."

"You have taken me from an Engineer to a Senior Manager. I would not have my job if it was not for CHaRM and the support provided."

We work flexibly with small groups and individuals to ensure they get the best possible support available to transfer their learning into the workplace and to pass the qualification if they are undertaking formal training with us. Our success is borne out time and time again with the feedback we receive from both the managers who participate with us and their business owners and leaders. Our development programmes are delivered flexibly to suit the needs of the participants and their businesses, ensuring that time away from work is minimised whilst at the same time achieving maximum benefit from interaction with other managers from other walks of life. Many of our programmes are designed to enable participants to learn at their own speed.