Understanding Mental Health in the Workplace

Understanding Mental Health in the Workplace

This interactive learning programme from CHaRM is designed for Managers who are called upon to deal with team members who have mental health issues. The aim of this course is to provide Managers with the skills and confidence to have those difficult conversations with team members and provide support for those who are not able to contribute to their full potential because of their mental health.

The programme will cover:

  • The role that effective communication, individual motivation and team development play in maintaining positive mental health among your team
  • How to ensure all team members feel included in the organisation's purpose and aims so that they feel valued
  • Why understanding mental health in the workplace is so important
  • The continuum of mental health and how people move up and down this
  • How conditions such as anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder manifest in people
  • How to communicate with a team member during or after a period of mental health
  • What support can be provided to team members regarding mental health
  • The causes and impact of stress in the workplace
  • Practical stress management techniques
  • How and when to provide advice, mentoring or counselling to support individuals in the workplace.

This programme is delivered to Institute of Management Level 3 standard, over five x 3 hour virtual sessions. Each session will be delivered via Teams but will be as interactive as if you were face to face with your tutor and there will be some short work related activities to undertake between each session to embed the learning.

Achieving the ILM Level 3 Award accreditation is an optional extra and is available to all participants. Further details on what this involves are available from the L&D team here at CHaRM.

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