Skills Coaching for Managers

Is it time to consider a different approach to learning?

In a recent review of why people come to us for training and development we realised it is because of the one-to-one support that we provide to our participants, whether it be part of a formal course or by other means. So much of the feedback we receive here at CHaRM is about how people "couldn't have done it without us" and the "one-to-one support" that they receive that gets them over the finish line. As a result of that review about what we do well, we have decided to deliver all of our one-day management topics on a one-to-one basis for better results. The results show that real skill or behavioural change comes from one-to-one coaching and support.

Our aim is to support learning whilst empowering our participants to develop themselves, letting people drive their own development. Each coaching session starts with some knowledge and skill input and a self-analysis to identify current strengths as well as areas for development. Following a period of applying the learning gained in the workplace, we follow up with a coaching session to review progress made and to cement learning or provide additional support where necessary. Uniquely, we use real-life practical examples to demonstrate the principles and techniques taught in the knowledge session.

Below are details of our most popular topic areas, but the variety of subjects that we can provide support with is much greater. Contact the friendly L&D team at CHaRM for more information. You may not see your particular subject identified below, but please ask if not as we will more than likely have a solution for you!

"I would like to say thank you so much for your help in the recent months. It has been a very good learning curve for me and I will continue using the coaching outcomes."