How to get ahead in your career - A talent programme

The aim of this flexible, interactive learning programme is to develop talented individuals to enable them to progress within their organisations and improve their career opportunities. The programme is designed for those who are not yet in management positions but who feel they would like to develop their leadership skills to enable them to take on more responsibility and achieve greater job satisfaction.

The programme focuses on developing the lifelong leadership skills that provide a platform for more focused learning and development as participants progress through their lives and careers. It is designed to provide a sound basis on which to develop the leaders of the future. Participants will be able to demonstrate informal leadership as a result of this programme, whether or not they are in management or leadership roles, benefitting both you as an individual and your organisation.

Trust, ethics, integrity, self-awareness, the ability to converse with others and to work effectively as both an individual or as part of a team, are all key elements that are required within businesses. To get ahead in your career, you will need to be able to demonstrate all of these qualities to enable you to stand out from the crowd. This programme will give you the skills you need to start you on that path and from an organisational point of view it is a good way to invest in and retain your future talent.

"I wanted you to know how the training you gave me has eventually come to fruition and to thank you for your support over all this time. I have been with my organisation for 30 years but I never thought then that I would be where I am today. Working with you and your team has given me the belief and the drive to do better."

The benefits to businesses of supporting employees to undertake this learning opportunity are:

  • Having people already developed and ready to take up management or more senior roles when they become available.
  • The retention of talent within the organisation to provide a pipeline for the future.
  • More motivated individuals who aspire to management or leadership roles.
  • An increased skill and knowledge base within the organisation so that you are not exposed when key people leave.
  • An enhanced reputation as an employer.
  • Increased capacity for innovation and change within the organisation.

Key learning outcomes include:

  • Increased self-awareness by discovering your own strengths, weaknesses and future areas for development and growth
  • Develop skills that will benefit you as an individual and your organisation
  • Take ownership of your own learning and continuous development
  • Operate ethically and with integrity in all dealings with others in a business environment
  • Demonstrate positive leadership skills through your everyday actions.


The programme consists of three chapters:

1. Developing Self Awareness (a must for all good leaders).

2. Developing Life Skills - giving and receiving feedback, working collaboratively, ethics and integrity, presenting yourself.

3. Personal Effectiveness - responsibility and accountability, planning and prioritising, how to contribute in meetings, setting goals and objectives.

As this programme is delivered flexibly using a variety of techniques, with one-to-one coaching included, it can be delivered on an individual basis or in small groups. For a full programme and costs, please get in touch by using the contact form below.

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