This is a bitesize virtual training session to enable new team leaders and managers to effectively delegate some of your workload to others. This session complements the Talent Club session 'Making the Most of your Working Day' and continues the theme of enabling team leaders and managers to take back control of your time. This 1.5 hour virtual session is filled with tips and techniques to help you develop the skills and knowledge of others by effectively delegating to them so that you can spend your time on activities that will bring more satisfaction for you and more benefit for your organisation. Delegating effectively will also help you to achieve a better work/life balance.

The training session will begin at 11:30 and finish at 13:00 and is supported by additional learning information available through our student portal, plus activities for you to use to help you further develop your delegation skills.

This virtual training session is available to participants of our Talent Club, or it is available as a one-off session. If you wish to participate in this session alone, the investment is £70.00 per person, plus VAT. To participate as a Talent Club member, the cost for 8 virtual learning sessions with tutorial support is £450.00 plus VAT. Please visit our Talent Club page on our website for more information.

To reserve your place please click the link below.