Whether it be personal or business goals, clarity regarding what you are doing and why helps everyone to understand what you are doing and why you are doing it. Setting goals is only the beginning though, with objectives or milestones required to measure progress toward achieving the goal and to make changes if necessary.

This 1.5 hour virtual learning session will not only give you an understanding as to why goals and objectives are important but it will also help you to set clear goals and objectives so that they can be understood and acted upon by your team members. Goals and objectives are useful in all walks of life so this session will also include how to use objectives for your own personal career planning to achieve success.

The learning session will begin at 11:30 and finish at 13:00 and is supported by additional learning information available through our student portal, plus activities for you to use to plan, practice and give feedback constructively.

This virtual training session is available to participants of our Talent Club, or it is available as a one-off session. If you wish to participate in this session alone, the investment is £70.00 per person, plus VAT. To participate as a Talent Club member, the cost for 8 virtual learning sessions with tutorial support is £450.00 plus VAT. Please visit our Talent Club page on our website for more information.

To reserve your place please click the link below.